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Idea to Landing Page in One Click

Create a compelling landing page for your startup idea and start collecting leads in seconds

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Note: this is lower quality than the landing page generator at to lower GPT-3 costs.

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Save time and money

Don’t spend thousands of dollars and weeks on building a landing page just to see if the idea works.

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10X your Idea to Validation pipeline

Vet more ideas, faster. Focus on the ones that work.

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Focus on building your business

Use your resources on building your product and talking to users.

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Build a landing page search engines will love

Let the power of AI write a SEO optimized landing page for your audience.

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Start building your pipeline

Collect waitlists, engage with potential users.

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Get all the content you need

All value props, features, call to actions, even blog post topics generated with AI.

Meet the team

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Derrick Johnson


Team member 02
Vein Kong


Team member 03
Kevin Shah
Product Manager at Facebook

ODF 6. Ex-Tech Lead at Facebook

Team member 04
Jasmine Wang
CEO of Copysmith

ODF 1.

Team member 05
Terry Xu
CEO of Mindful Suite

ODF 6. Ex-Tech Lead Twitter.

Team member 01
Erbil Yaman
Founder and CEO of Teamble

ODF 6. Former BCG Consultant.